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Crushing Content

How Prospect Studio products are improving content creation for various creators.

Prospect Studio had the opportunity to work with the Vancouver based business Supercrush, to create content for their latest Spring launch. Pictured above, Courtney (Supercrush Owner) is in Prospect Studio, laying out her products on a Prospect Mat. Supercrush uses various coloured mats, paired with their product, to create unique flat lays, taking their product to a new level.

“Prospect Mats are ideal for Influencers, Bloggers, Business Owners, Photographers/Videographers, and other Creators to develop product and flat lay photography.”

Prospect Mats are created for convenience; easy for commuting to and from locations, fast set-up and take down. Simply put, they help make products look their very best. The importance of Prospect Mats' role in small businesses is huge. Between the convenience of creating content from any space at any time, to updating photographs for all business needs quickly, including as soon as products are delivered to the door. Prospect Mats provide business owners creative freedom, while simultaneously, a helping hand to the creative process when there are tight deadlines, or they are not in the place to hire a professional photographer. Prospect Mats allow small businesses to really do it all, offering the essentials to make the brand, and the images alongside it, stand out.

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