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Nailing the Art

Prospect and Vanessa Nicole Stern take over the Blog with all the small details.

Vanessa Nicole Stern, a content creator and Gelcare artist, shows the importance of Prospect Mats in the Influencer industry.

“As an influencer, you aim to add value to other's lives each day, and with the help of external products such as Prospect Mats, creating content becomes that much easier."

Even the Influencers/Bloggers who claim they may not be as naturally creative, feel empowered the moment they have a Prospect Mat in their hands. Having this product on hand allows Influencers to create impressive content at a moment's notice. It is also a budget friendly way to make your feed stand out.

Create Relevant Content

Creating content can be a daunting task, however, when fit with accessible products, such as Prospect Mats, the process of content creation becomes more relaxing and much more efficient. Rather than having to find the "right" surface or backdrop for your content, Prospect Mats are the perfect source to use, and create, with anything on hand. The variety with these mats will never lose its charm. You can see from Vanessa's use, that these mats are adaptable, changeable, and work with any and all daily content that you are producing, making it look more professional and appealing than before.

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